It is nice to know what you are all about, our clients, contents, and contents you buy at Cool Stuff, but thanks to the seva col·laboració, especially if you are wrong! 

If you want to make a change or return you have 15 calendar days from receipt of the item, to do it in person in the markets we attend or send it to us, in this case the transportation costs from your home to our billing address (Terrassa) will be borne by the customer and we will not accept freight returns.

* No returns will be accepted, nor will there be responsibility for damage to the items if;
1. The garment has been used or smells, without its original and manipulated label, in short, as we send it to you, we are sure that you understand it ❤️
2. The buyer does not communicate it before 24 hours after the date of receipt of the items, via e-mail at or phone 637451358, thank you!

* Before making a shipment, we review and try that everything arrives super nice and in perfect condition all the items that you have selected in order to avoid incidents, but if the item received in your online order has a defect, you must send us an email and we will give you the instructions to make the change. In this case, the transportation costs from your home to our billing address (Terrassa) will be borne by us. Tell us in the mail;
- Order number, date, name and email address with which the purchase was made.
- Purchased item and reason for the return (if you can add a photo of the defect of the item we appreciate it, to better understand the error and improve our services).
- Indicate where we can send the replacement item.

* If you want to cancel an order, you will have to notify us by mail to and if we have not yet sent the order it will be canceled, if it has already been sent it will be placed.