Surprise!! I promised you soon ... and there we go! WE ARE GOING FROM SHOPPING CORAZONES?

Well, we invite you to meet us in person at our Markets and Showrooms, like every Sunday at MERCANTIC VINTAGE VILLAGE, in Sant Cugat del Vallés from 9:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Follow the info on our website, at SHOWROOMS, where we are publishing the events.

We take advantage of the Markets and Showrroms to facilitate even more purchases and all the orders you make on the web, you can make changes and / or returns personally in Mercantic, or collect your orders made on the web, so there is no minimum purchase or additional expenses; ) You can book that bracelet you love, or that beautiful necklace, or that very cool shirt ... Whatever you want!

* When making the purchase on web remember that the pickup will be in Cool Stuff and the payment method "cash or card" as you prefer. And in observations indicate where you will go to pick it up. If it is also for gift, invisible friend, etc. tell us also in Observations so we'll take it wrapped up nicely! Buy online at Cool Stuff is fun, easy and inexpensive!

* If you want to make a change of color, size, etc, we only ask you to let us know before the events so that we have in our Market what you need, to the mail;

We really want to see you ALWAYS !!

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